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American Way 

Glasgow’s Grub Grows Up


Remembering Sex Worker Magazine, $pread a Decade Later

Atlas Obscura

The Uncertain Future of North Ronaldsay’s Seaweed-Eating Sheep

Why a Maritime Forecast Is So Beloved in the United Kingdom

BBC Culture

Is it the end of the Scottish cringe?

BBC Future

The small Scottish isle leading the world in electricity

BBC Travel

Why people are obsessed with Fair Isle

This remote Scottish island is coming back to life

Inside the haunted prison of the Shawshank Redemption

Bridal Guide

Big-City Romance: Urban Honeymoon Destinations

Take in the Culture of Mexico

Caribbean Escapes for Chocolate Lovers

Travel Snapshots: Scotland

Boutique Mexico


4 Arty Upstate Journeys Every Culture-Loving Brooklynite Should Make This Summer

Condé Nast Traveler

The Scottish Island That Celebrates Christmas 12 Days Late

Why Fair Isle Sweaters Have a Three-Year Waiting List

Why I Went on a Blindfolded Tour of Venice

Why Music Lovers Should Visit the Faroe Islands

The Lofoten Islands are Norway’s Answer to Marfa

Why You Should Get Out of Copenhagen and Visit Malmö

A Photo Tour of Glasgow’s Murals

A Photo Tour of Reykjavík’s Street Art

What to Do in La Candelaria, Bogotá’s Art-Loving Neighborhood

What to Do in Leith: Edinburgh’s Cool Neighborhood

Dundee: A New Cultural Capital for a (Potentially) New Scotland

10 Foods You Must Try in Scotland

What Not to Do in Edinburgh


Tbilisi For Art and Design Lovers

10 NYC Day Trips for Art Lovers

Where to Drink in Edinburgh

Art Worth Traveling For in 2018

10 Artsy Ways to Explore This Year’s European Culture Capital

The Guardian

Tartan Day: a great opportunity to learn about the Scottish pattern’s checkered history

The Hairpin

Treading the Water Trade

Harper’s Bazaar

Outlander is Revitalizing Scottish Fashion and Style

Honolulu Weekly

Chic Chinatown

Country circus

Red light

Oh da kawaii

Irish for a day   

L’amour pour Haiti    

You So Fine (HotPick)


A Symbolic Wound Takes Shape in Norway to Remember the 2011 Massacre

An Art Festival on Norway’s Arctic Islands Considers How Humans are Changing Them

Tensions Over Untapped Oil Run Just Beneath the Surface at a Norwegian Art Festival

In Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Street Artists Tell Tourists: “No Fucking Photos”

Exhuming Edinburgh’s Hidden Stories

At a Glasgow Museum, Local Artists Grapple with National Politics

In Malmö: Street Art with a Social Conscience

The Women Tagging and Painting the Streets of Bogota

The Independent

Aberdeen: Scotland’s oil powerhouse finds its street art soul

JetSet (Bravo TV)

Inspired by Adele? Where to See More of Yayoi Kusama’s Hypnotic Installations

Now Is the Time to See the Northern Lights From these 5 Luxury Hotels

Here’s How to Spa Like the Ancient Romans (With Added Luxury)

Holiday Like the Ladies of London at England’s 5 Best Country House Hotels

5 Luxury Hotels With Scandalous Histories


I Was No Tourist: Travels in the Tokyo Underworld

The Latin Kitchen

Uruguay’s La Huella Heads to South Beach

Why You Must Visit La Huella’s 2nd Restaurant in Miami

LE Miami

Service with a Style: An investigation into how travel brands are redefining service with a creative class twist

One Rebel’s Cause

Marriott Traveler

Tokyo’s Urban Oases: Where to Find Your Zen in the Metropolis

Arty Amsterdam: Beyond the Old Masters

The Art Gallery Scene in Mayfair is Rich. Here’s Where to Indulge

In Search of Offbeat Baltimore? Here’s Where to Get Quirky in Charm City

The Timeless Town: How to See London in a New Light

Matador Network

Reading into the fate of Lucie Blackman

Walking into Ladonia   

Breakdown of a visit to Malmö, Sweden

Carrying on Nubian culture through music

Hot air ballooning in Luxor, Egypt

Budget Guide to Helsinki

Chinese New Year, Spam and Surfing: O’ahu, Hawai’i’s Festivals

Honolulu’s Chinatown Bars

Tokyo Nightlife

Why you should travel to Egypt right now

Mental Floss

MTV Iggy

Uni Stefson Takes Inspiration From Iceland’s Natural Beauty

ICON: Ladytron’s Helen Marnie Steps Out on Her Own

Scene Report: Scottish Hip-Hop Becomes Its Own

15 Swedish Rappers to Add to Your Playlist

ICON: The Vaselines Declare Independence

ICON: Róisín Murphy Returns with “Hairless Toys”

12 Glasgow Acts to Keep an ‘Aye’ On

Låpsley’s Chilled-Out Electronica is Spellbinding

Low Roar Finds Inspiration in the Icelandic Landscape

Munchies (VICE)

How the Faroe Islands’ First Spirits Company Changed the Country’s Distillation Law

National Geographic Travel

7 Cities to See Powerful Street Art

12 Great Reasons to Visit Scotland Now

Noisey (VICE)

Meet Silvana Iman: The Queer Feminist Rapper Taking on Sweden’s Fascists

Get to Know the Cosmic Pop and Kurdish Politics of Robyn’s Protégé, Zhala


Checklist: The Faroe Islands

4 Reasons to Visit the Republic of Georgia Now

10 Breathtaking Music Festivals

11 Lesser-Known Cities for Street Art

Checklist: Bristol, England

Perfect Your Mixology at these 5 Hotel Bars

Public Art Review

Northern Regeneration (Public Art in Norway)

Walking On Water


7 Remote Islands That Really Want You to Move There

How to Island-Hop Like a Celeb on a Millennial’s Budget

10 Sexy & Affordable Hotels With Private Plunge Pools

10 Underrated U.S. Cities to Visit this Summer

Celebrate 20 Years of Harry Potter in Edinburgh


Spirit of the Seas

The Rumpus                                

Intervew with Author Lily Burana

A Survey of the Stripper Memoir

Interview with Richard Lloyd Parry

Hair Color Prejudice: Gingerism

Rude Britannia

Magic Gardens

Audacia Ray’s New Reading Series

In the Flesh Reading Series


On View in NYC | Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux: Brooklyn Boys

Beyond Rebellion: Fashioning the Biker Jacket

Shermans Travel

How to Visit the Faroe Islands on a Budget

Checking In : A Design-Conscious Boutique in Tbilisi, Georgia

How Hotels are Going More Local Than Ever

How Luxury Travel is Being Reinvented – And What it Means For You

From Budget to Splurge: Art Hotels

As the Lights Fade: Neon Museums, Tours, and Hotels Around the World

The Four Hour Layover: Reykjavík

The Four-Hour Layover: Helsinki

All work at Shermans Travel

Sierra Magazine

Whale Hunters Defend the Grind in “Islands and the Whales”

Tales of the Cocktail

The Art and Zen of the Japanese Highball

A Tour of Scotland, in Gin Botanicals

9 Ways to Keep Your Bar Team Happy

How to Mentally Prepare for a Shift

Jad Ballout Adds Culinary Flair to Beirut’s Cocktail Scene

Seedlip: The World’s First Distilled, Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Welcome to the Gin Foundry, the Online Home of Gin

How to Nail Your Dream Bartending Gig

Time Out New York

Escape From New York: Albuquerque

The Toast

The Place You’d Never Know Was There

Travel + Leisure

A New Spirit Obsession is Taking Hold in Scotland: Gin


The Music Lover’s Guide to Reykjavik

The Art Lover’s Guide to Oslo


Insider’s Guide to Tokyo

10 Reasons to Visit Scotland this Year

The Isle of Skye: Explore Scotland’s Misty Isle

The Insider’s Guide to Prague


‘Nae Pasaran’ Shares the Story of the Scottish Laborers Who Stood Up to Pinochet

The Village Voice

Sámi Rapper SlinCraze Aims to Be an ‘Arctic Superstar’

Swans Deafen Williamsburg and Reveal Plans for New Music

The Vaselines Bring Catchy Hooks and Saucy Innuendo to The Bell House

Alice Boman’s Warm Ballads Shooed Winter Out of Williamsburg

Look Back on Björk’s Bold Collaborations Before Her NYC Residency

The Top 10 Robyn Collaborations

Laura Marling Mesmerizes with the Live Debut of ‘Short Movie’ at Warsaw

Tove Lo Confessed Her Bad “Habits” While Undressing the Highline Ballroom

Elliphant Pulls the Crowd (and Tove Lo!) Onstage to Rage in NYC

A Sunny Day in Glasgow (Calendar)

DJ Sprinkles (Calendar)

Women Under Siege

Justice remains elusive for victims of Egypt’s ‘virginity testing’

(614) Magazine

Norah’s War

Empowerment Rocks!

Gallery Space: The Voice of Hope

Fruitful Partnership

Charity Profile: Ticket to Ride

Gallery Space: Meta Mission

Sweet Tooth: La Petit Fleur 

Sweet Tooth: Cookie Cravings

Sweet Tooth: Koko Tea Salon and Bakery


Live Review: Jon Hopkins at (le) Poisson Rouge

Live Review: A Sunny Day in Glasgow at Baby’s All Right

Live Review: Robyn and Röyksopp at Pier 97

Société Perrier (Defunct)

Gin is King: Sample 52 Varieties at Edinburgh’s One Square

10 Hotel Bars with Amazing Views

Legal Rum: Key West’s First Smuggle-Free Spirit

6 Classic Cocktails and the Hotel Bars that Invented Them

Global Network of Sex Workers Projects

My Work Should Not Cost me my Life: A Report on the Consequences of Canada’s Introduction of the Nordic Model

The Sex Worker Project Receieves the 2014 Emil Gumpert Award

NYPD to Limit Practice of Using Condoms as Evidence

HotelChatter (Defunct)

Le Royal Monceau in Paris Rolls Out a New Program for Chic Kids

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington, Releases Details of His Old Post Office Hotel

Back to School: Inside New Hampshire’s Hanover Inn

All work at Hotel Chatter

RH Reality Check

Missed Your Period? Don’t Want to be Pregnant? There’s an App for That

Drink Up Columbus

Anyone for a Pimm’s Cup?

National Scotch Day    

National Rum Day

Watershed: Local Distillery, National Reputation

Discover Ohio: The Ohio Tourism Division Blog

Ohio’s Multicultural Festival Scene

A Sweet Tour of Columbus

Ohio’s Burgeoning Micro-distillery Scene

Celebrating Diversity at the Columbus International Festival

Rockmill Brewery: Something in the Water

Ohio’s Top 5 Movie Theaters

Celebrate the Season and Celebrate Local

All the Flavors of the Market

Brooks Was Here. So Was Red: Following the Shawshank Trail

Make Time for “The Clock”

Spread Magazine (print only)

Foreign Fuzoku: Immigrant Sex Workers in Japan (Summer 2010)

London’s Strip-Pubs (Winter 2008)

Tits and Sass

Sex Work and Storytelling at Sex and Justice

The Great Happiness Space

Boots n All

Eddie went: Big wave surfing at Waimea Bay

Indie Travel Podcast

Country Guide: Scotland

England Travel: Cornwall

England Travel: The Lake District


Chile, Sweden, USA, Japan, UK

Not for Tourists

New York, London, Honolulu, Copenhagen



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