Portfolio (By Place)

Places most often reported from.

Faroe Islands


Whale Hunters Defend the Grind in “Islands and the Whales” (Sierra Magazine)

Why Music Lovers Should Visit the Faroe Islands (Condé Nast Traveler)

Checklist: The Faroe Islands (Paste)

How the Faroe Islands’ First Spirits Company Changed the Country’s Distillation Law (Munchies -VICE)

How to Visit the Faroe Islands on a Budget (Shermans Travel)



I Was No Tourist (Jezebel)

Reading into the Fate of Lucie Blackman (Matador Network)

The Art and Zen of the Japanese Highball (Tales of the Cocktail)

The Place You’d Never Know Was There (The Toast)

What type of people work in the Mizu Shobai? (Blog)

Tokyo’s Urban Oases (Marriott Traveler)



Northern Regeneration (Public Art Review)

The Lofoten Islands are Norway’s Answer to Marfa (Condé Nast Traveler)

Unpacking the Legacy of an Indigenous Uprising in Norway (Hyperallergic)

An Art Festival on Norway’s Arctic Islands Considers How Humans are Changing Them (Hyperallergic)

A Symbolic Wound Takes Shape in Norway (Hyperallergic)

Tensions Over Untapped Oil Run Just Beneath the Surface at a Norwegian Art Festival (Hyperallergic)

The Great Escape (Oak – The Nordic Journal)

Sámi Rapper SlinCraze Aims to Be an ‘Arctic Superstar’ (The Village Voice)

Nuart is Now (Public Art Review)

Why Northern Norway is for Design Lovers (Architectural Digest)

A Timely Remembrance For Witch Hunts Of The Past by Louise Bourgeois and Peter Zumthor (Hyperallergic)


The small Scottish isle leading the world in electricity (BBC Future)

Why people are obsessed with Fair Isle (BBC Travel)

This Remote Scottish Island is Coming Back to Life (BBC Travel)

Is It the End of the Scottish Cringe? (BBC Culture)

Tartan Day: A Great Time to Learn about the Scottish Pattern’s Checkered History (The Guardian)

Why Fair Isle Sweaters Have a Three-Year Waiting List (Condé Nast Traveler)

The Scottish Island that Celebrates Christmas 12 Days Late (Condé Nast Traveler)

What to Do in Leith (Condé Nast Traveler)

A Photo Tour of Glasgow’s Murals (Condé Nast Traveler)

Dundee: A New Cultural Capital (Condé Nast Traveler)

The Uncertain Future of North Ronaldsay’s Seaweed-Eating Sheep (Atlas Obscura)

Where There’s Smoke (Saveur)

How Outlander is Revitalizing Scottish Fashion (Harper’s Bazaar)

Exhuming Edinburgh’s Hidden Stories (Hyperallergic)

At a Glasgow Museum, Local Artists Grapple with National Politics (Hyperallergic)

Spirit of the Seas (Rhapsody)

Glasgow’s Grub Grows Up (American Way)

A New Spirit Obsession is Taking Hold in Scotland (Travel + Leisure)

Travel Snapshots: Scotland (Bridal Guide)

A Tour of Scotland in Gin Botanicals (Tales of the Cocktail)

Aberdeen: Scotland’s oil powerhouse finds its street art soul (The Independent)

Nae Pasaran Shares an Untold Story of Scottish Solidarity (VICE)

12 Great Reasons to Go to Scotland Now (National Geographic Travel)

24 Ultimate Things to do in Scotland (Fodor’s)

Nautical By Nature (Hemispheres)


Malmo, Sweden. Photo by author.

Why You Should Get Out of Copenhagen and Visit Malmö (Condé Nast Traveler)

In Malmö, Street Art with a Social Conscience (Hyperallergic)

Meet Silvana Imam, the Queer Feminist Rapper who’s Taking on Sweden’s Fascists (Noisey – VICE)

Walking into Ladonia (Matador Network)

Breakdown of a visit to Malmö, Sweden (Matador Network)


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