Roadtripping out of Reykjavík

When I look back on the summer I spent working in Reykjavík I always feel foolish that I spent so little time outside of the capital. I was busy and consumed by my… Continue reading

My Favourite Street Art of 2014


The Street Art of San Juan, Puerto Rico

The street art of San Juan’s Saturce neighbourhood

Robyn and Röyksopp at Pier 97, New York City

Over at AudioFemme, I reviewed Robyn and Röksopp’s New York stop on their Do It Again tour. Here’s a few extra pictures, including warm-up act, Zhala.

LE Miami: Luxury Travel’s Visionary Trade Event

LE Miami is a luxury travel trade show now in its second year. But it’s also a lot more than that.

Ragnar Kjartansson at the New Museum: Me, My Mother, My Father, and I

In May 1975, Kjartan Ragnarsson and Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir shot a slightly schlocky love scene for Iceland’s first ever feature film, Morðsaga (Murder Story). As Guðrún, playing a bored housewife, fantasises about ripping off… Continue reading

Paradise Found in the Florida Keys

I’m sitting in what I’m told is a “locals’ bar” in the Middle Keys while a musician sings “Wouldn’t want to be president, that’s too much stress. I just wanna be on an… Continue reading

Kara Walker: A Subtlety, at Domino Sugar Factory

By now, you’ve probably heard of artist Kara Walker’s massive installation at Domino Sugar Factory. So, in short: the 132-year-old sugar factory will be torn down this year to make way for (guess… Continue reading

Sami Stories at Scandinavia House

Scandinavia House, on Park Avenue near Grand Central, is one of my favorite under-the-radar places in New York City. It’s almost always quiet, never busy, has a great (but pricey) Nordic café named… Continue reading

Baltimore Street Art

Though not quite the city of The Wire fame, Baltimore has its rough edges and character that is expressed beautifully through its vibrant street art scene. In the few hours I had spare… Continue reading