The Sea, The Sea, Montauk

‘The sea sustains and threatens us, but it is also where we came from … being fifty per cent water, we all contain the sea inside us.” Philip Hoare, The Sea Inside The… Continue reading

The Art of the Faroe Islands

I arrived in the Faroe Islands fairly well-versed in the islands’ musical and literary heritage, but with little grasp of the visual art scene there. In fact, the only encounter with Faroese art… Continue reading

Reykjavik Winter Morning Wanderings

When I visit Iceland in the winter, my favourite time to stroll the streets of Reykjavík is in the morning, when, until late morning, the city is concealed beneath the long winter night’s… Continue reading

Uni Stefson (MTV Iggy)

Sadly the music publication MTV Iggy closed down late last year — and took all of the writers’ work with it. So that my articles may live on, I am going to publish… Continue reading

Faroe Islands: Tórshavn to Kirkjubøer

On my first morning in the Faroe Islands, I woke up to the winter dark. The night before, driving from the airport to Tórshavn, I could only just trace the lines of the… Continue reading

Street Art is Everywhere

I have been quiet over here for a while as I have been working on putting together another site. Rather than filling up Six Trees with post after post about street art I… Continue reading

Lynda Benglis: Water Sources at Storm King Art Center

I was recently invited to attend a preview of a new temporary exhibition at Storm King Art Center, an open-air sculpture park in upstate New York. In the Hudson Valley, about an hour… Continue reading

One World Observatory with Walks of New York

The One World Trade Center’s new observation deck has recently opened and I visited as part of a Walks of New York tour. Led by local New Yorkers, these small group tours hone… Continue reading

La casona de la sagüesera, Little Havana, Miami

A year ago I was invited to attend LE Miami, the luxury travel show. The event has a partnership with American Excursionist who organise bespoke tours designed by experts and led by local… Continue reading

Why Leith is Edinburgh’s Coolest Neighbourhood

At Condé Nast Traveler, I wrote about one of my favourite areas in Edinburgh: Leith. Leith never used to be so cool; in fact it was a pretty bad neighbourhood when I lived… Continue reading