Faces of Riga

Look up and you’ll find a different type of Rigan that populates the city: the expressive faces of 750+ Jugenstil buildings spread throughout  the city. Advertisements

In Pictures: Malmö Festival Food Market


The only thing that comes as close to good as calling London my home is returning to London and slipping back in as if I’d never been away. I arrived back last week,… Continue reading


I was looking through my camera’s viewfinder at yet another Gaelic roadsign: Fàilte gu Port Rìgh, when I stopped short of taking the picture. I wondered why it was so important to me that… Continue reading

Loch Leven Castle

“Where do you live?” The man selling tickets asked me. “Well, I’m from here but I live in the U.S. now.” “It’s just where you live that matters,” he said, ticking the box… Continue reading

Edinburgh Nights

Back in the day, Edinburgh was ours. Last night—our first night out in the city for many years—we saw how far Edinburgh had slipped out of our grasp. We made our way up… Continue reading

Photo Essay: King Kamehameha Day 2010


I would have liked the mule ride. As the plane swooped along the coast, I saw the zigzagging trail sloping down the cliff face. It’s a two-hour ride each way but April’s rain… Continue reading


I am quite lucky to have local friends on O’ahu, because it means I get to go to places I’d never have known about otherwise. Mu-Ryang-Sa Buddhist Temple isn’t in any of the… Continue reading

10 Publications for your Travel Writing

I’m writing this as an assignment for MatadorU. I am always looking for places to (hopefully) publish my writing and, although I didn’t come up with anything radically different, it was very useful… Continue reading