Foreign Fuzoku

I wrote the following article in mid-2008 and it was published in the dearly departed $pread Magazine the following summer. As such it is quite dated, and somewhat inelegant (OK, horribly written). I… Continue reading

Kihnu: Not a Travel Guide

I got everything wrong about my visit to Kihnu. It was the wrong time. Early September, beyond the strict parameters of what is accepted as “season” in the Baltic countries. I had already… Continue reading

Filming Cloud Atlas in Glasgow

Take one book by David Mitchell: My favourite, Cloud Atlas, which begins on a 19th century ship in the South Pacific and ends in post-apocalyptic Big Island, passing through a pre-WWII Belgium, 1970s… Continue reading

In Pictures: Isle of Skye

For the second year in a row I spent a few days of my annual trip home to Scotland on the Isle of Skye. Skye is off the west coast; vast, peaceful and… Continue reading

Columbus Dessert Tour

    Not even an afternoon-long dessert tour of Columbus could make this sweet lover sick: My latest piece at the Ohio Tourism Division blog.

A Cultural Reference: Helsinki

The way I travel. Before I leave for a place I like to read about it; see it in a movie. When I leave, I like to hang on to the memories of… Continue reading

Still Edinburgh

Prepping for my annual trip home to Scotland and browsing photographs from last August’s visit. I lose a little bit of Edinburgh the longer I am gone. There is still a thin, but… Continue reading

The Doors and Windows of Tallinn

A Walk through Downtown Honolulu

“In Honolulu’s lawless hive, where vessels of all flags and nations arrive and depart daily, a man may change his name and history between entrĂ©e and dessert.” — David Mitchell; Cloud Atlas Read… Continue reading

In Pictures: Manoa Falls Hike

After a mile and half hike through lush forest, the waterfall at the end of the trail was somewhat underwhelming.