Misandry at Marlton House

Room 214
Room 214

Here is Room 214 of the newly opened (but still in a soft opening phase) The Marlton. This was Valerie Solanas’ room when she shot Andy Warhol in 1968.

But that’s not all the history contained within the walls of 5 West 8th Street in New York’s Greenwich Village. Jack Kerouac holed up here while writing Desolation Angels and Lenny Bruce stayed here while on trial for obscenity,  I asked front desk for their room numbers, but she wasn’t sure. Some of the rooms have been adapted, she said, and so are not the exact same as they were back in the day. Speaking of the rooms: the fifth-floor one I stayed in was tiny; like,  the foot of the bed almost hits the cabinet against the wall tiny. I loved the Parisian decor, though, the crown moldings and creamy colours made me want cake.

Marlton Bed
Marlton Bed

The hotel is a former SRO (some of the long-standing tenants have been there since the 1960s) and was developed by Sean MacPherson of the Bowery Hotel, The Jane, and Maritime Hotel, who has made an effort to retain the artsy vibe by stocking a library with beat-ear books and vintage furniture, and adding surrealist touches in the guest rooms, such as these brass sconces.

Marlton sconce
Marlton sconce

My full review is up at HotelChatter 

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