A Visit to Enoshima


Despite all the time I have spent in Tokyo, I have not taken that many day trips out of the city. I have been to Kamakura a couple of times, for example, and Nikko and Fuji Five Lakes, but that’s about it. When I lived here I preferred to go far from the city — Kyoto, Thailand, Hong Kong … — when I needed to get away.

So this was my first visit to little Enoshima, with its beaches and surf, and what a time to visit: right in the middle of Golden Week. I was shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other daytrippers walking around the tiny island. So much for getting away from it all.

Enoshima Station

Enoshima Station

Part of the Enoshima experience is travelling on the vintage Enoden train from Fujisawa to Enoshima station.



From the bridge that leads onto Enoshima

From the bridge that leads onto Enoshima

The beauty of the sea and clean, fresh air comes as a relief from a long time spent in Tokyo.

Enoshima Boat

Food stands line the little streets and alleyways on Enoshima, selling delicious treats such as mochi …

Mochi Maker

Mochi Maker

… and octopus presented in all manner of different ways.

Grilled octopus served on a stick

Grilled octopus served on a stick

There are many shrines (Benzaiten, goddess of , among other things, water is enshrined here), offerings, and places to purchase offerings.





There is a lighthouse observation tower from which you can look out across the area and, if you are lucky, see Mt. Fuji. A ticket for the tower gets you access to the botanical garden at the bottom.




The back side of the island, at the bottom of a steep descent near the Iwaya Caves, is a popular spot for fishing shirasu.



2 thoughts on “A Visit to Enoshima

  1. Hello, enjoyed your post. On a side note, we will be in Tokyo for about 2 days this June. It will be our 2nd time going there, any suggestions which places we should prioritize? We have only been to Tokyo Disney Sea. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! Well, I’m not very good at this, and I guess it depends what you did last time and where you are staying, but my favourite places to walk around are Shinjuku and Azabu Juban. There are some really good art museums in Roppongi, too.

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