On the Streets of Mexico City



Traditionally you visit Mexico City for the Diego Rivera murals. I tried, but kept failing to find the Palacio Nacional open (it was fiestas patrias week). Instead I caught a few, more contemporary, artworks left over from Spring’s All City Canvas street art festival.

Mural by U.S. artist, El Mac. Photo by author.

Mural by German duo, Herakut. Photo by author.

Mural by Mexican artist, Saner.


Dissent, it seemed to me, is a cornerstone of life in Mexico City — and for good reason. Although the presidential elections are several months past, there remains much agitation.

#YoSoy132 Photo by author.

Zocalo. Photo by author.

“Peña doesn’t even know what a book is,” a reference to Peña Nieto’s struggle, when asked at a book fair, to name three books that influenced him. Photo by author.


Another cornerstone of life in Mexico City ….

Centro Historico. Photo by author.

Santa Muerte. Photo by author.


Vibrant colours (and music) everywhere is one of the many reasons I fell hard for this city.

Condesa. Photo by author.

Condesa. Photo by author.


From the moment I arrived until the moment I left fiestas patrias — for the dia de independencia — were in swing.

Zocalo. Photo by author.

Parque España 15 de septiembre. Photo by author.

Street vendor. Photo by author.


4 thoughts on “On the Streets of Mexico City

  1. Karen, I came here via my best friend Meghan and her blog The Soul Shines. In early August, I was captivated by the magic of Mexico City and I am so grateful to you for transporting me back there through these beautiful photographs… Keep writing, photographing, and helping us travel vicariously through you.

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