Across Egypt in Three Weeks

It’s my birthday today, but who cares because tomorrow I fly out to Egypt.

I was incredibly lucky to be chosen to serve as a Traveler in Residence in a partnership between MatadorU and Adventure Center.

Previous travelers in residence, Keph Senett and Kyle Ellison went to Turkey and Nepal; Coen Wubbels in currently travelling in Panama and Costa Rica, and I will be covering Egypt in a three week tour named Egypt Encompassed, travelling from Cairo through the White Desert, to Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Mt. Sinai and Dahab. Phew

The challenge of tackling a country — that has a 5000-year history; is processing a revolution, and is at present rarely out of the news — in just three weeks is daunting, as is the idea of doing it with an organised tour group, and on a schedule, which is a brand new experience for me. I am, however, hugely excited and, in typical fashion, frantically trying to get organised with little time left to spare.

This is my itinerary:

I would love to hear any suggestions/recommendations/advice/warnings that you may have.

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